Picasso inspired artwork.
Our School Fete - 28th February 2015
Our School Fete - February 28th 2015
Foundation Artwork - demonstrating their shape knowledge. Learning about primary colours and their importance.
Specialist Maths Classes
2015 Student Leaders
2013 Walk-A-Thon celebrations.
All smiles in class with friends.
Arts and Crafts Fun.

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Welcome to Chelsea Heights Primary School

Thank you for visiting Chelsea Heights Primary website. I am very proud of our school and love the opportunity to share it with prospective parents.

Please click on the video below to view our virtual school tour.


Jane Satchwell, Principal.



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Principal Report

Jane's report for May 2015.

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Acting Assistant Principal Report

Pia's report on the Term 2 Working Bee

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PFA Report

2015 PFA Update

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May Foundation Sub School Newsletter

All the latest news from the Foundation Level for May 2015.

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May Junior Sub School Newsletter

All the latest news from Junior Sub School for May 2015.

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May Middle Sub School Newsletter

All the latest news from Middle Sub School for May 2015.

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May Senior Sub School Newsletter

All the latest news from Senior Sub School for May 2015.

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Around our school

What's happening around CHPS?

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Sport Report

All the latest from the Physical Education area.

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Camp Australia After School Care

The latest news from After School Care.

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Japanese Report

News from Japanese classes in the Foundation area.

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Performing Arts Report

Performing Arts antics....

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Visual Arts Report

Check out examples of our student artwork.

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Innovation in The Green Learning Zone

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Qkr Instructional video

We are pleased to announce the introduction of Qkr!


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Google Translator



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