Our Veggie Patch



Resourcesmart 5 star Certification update

We have just recently completed the waste module. 

Wildlife corridor update

Our garden is developing really well, as the plants are maturing and growing nicely together. We are constantly on the lookout for weeds to help our native plants cope in their environment. The level 4’s are responsible for watering the plants to keep them alive through the hot days of summer.

Nude Food  Day

Nude food day is every Wednesday and students are encouraged to bring in food without unnecessary rubbish. We are having great success so far and finding that students are bringing in less rubbish throughout the week.

Nude Food recipes


Vegetable Patch

The vegetable patch is developing fast and the level 4’s are doing a great job maintaining it every Friday. The level 4’s just recently sold plants to parents at the Christmas Concert. The money raised will be put back into the garden. 



Working Bees

  • Term 1 2016 - Sunday 28th Feb
  • Term 2 2016 - Sunday 29th May
  • Term 3 2016 - Sunday 28th August
  • Term 4 2016 - Sunday 23rd October

Sustainability Support Sub- Committee

Group of parents available to assist in supporting the implementation of Sustainability Program within our school. Everyone welcome, Contact Robyn Erwin.