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If you would like more information, please contact Mr. Aldred or Jane Fitchett aljane@iprimus.com.au.  


 Yarn Art - Fish

29th July 2014 - Introduction


6th August 2014 - Fun in Yarn Club with Jane


21st August 2014 - Work in Progress


4th September 2014 - Art Show

17th September 2014 - Our Progress

19th September 2014 - Holiday Project


Holiday Project

Our Rainbow Fish Yarn Art Project will be installed in the 1st week of Term 4.




If you’re a Crocheter and would like a project over the holidays, we would love some sea creatures to add to our underwater display...You can deliver them to the office after the holidays.




Here are a couple of links you could use...or alternatively use Google to find patterns for crochet fish, starfish, sea creatures for ideas!


Have fun!



















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